Face Milling Cutters

Used for

  1. Face Milling
  2. Radius Milling
  3. Shoulder Milling
  4. Copying
  5. Chamfering

End Milling Cutters

Used for

  1. Face Milling
  2. Radius Milling
  3. Shoulder Milling
  4. Side Milling
  5. Slot Milling
  6. Pocketing

Core Drill & Chamfer Cutter

Used for

  1. Drilling Pre Holes
  2. Maximize
  3. Pre-hole Size

Shoulder Milling Cutter

Shoulder Milling Genrate two faces simultaneously, which required peripheral milling in combination with face milling. Sholder milling can be performed by End Mill cutter, Square Shoulder Cutter & Side and Face Milling Cutter. These high Performance Milling Cutter do more of what needs to be done, from light precise machining to medium roughing - in profiling, slotting, ramping, helical & circular interpolation as well other milling operation. These milling cutters are especially suited for job shop in wide range of application.

Ball Nose Cutter

The Ball nose cutter is designed to deliver higher performance and better reliablity in copy milling applications. This high metal removal cutter can handle very high feed rates to a rigid design. These cutters are primarily used for profile milling of 3D shapes. It is suitable for roughing or finishing operation.

Tangential Milling Cutter

Tangential milling cutter are used for heavy roughing operation. The tangential mounting of new robust double sided insert ensures rigid clamping. It offers good impact, stregnth and cost efficient machining due to high productivity achived with both high feed and cutting depth suitable for face milling of cast iron and steel in heavy machining condition.

Trepanning Tool

Trepanning is used for larger hole diameters and where machine power is limited-because it is not as power consuming as solid drilling. Trepanning tool does not machine whole diameter, only a ring at the periphery instead of removing all material in the form of chips-a core is left in the center of the hole this method is used for through hole application.

Eco Cut

Eco Cut used for multi function tool for drilling, boring, external turning & face turning.


  • Internal Coolant supply
  • Two face contact for strong clamping
  • Helical Flute For smooth chip flow
  • Secured clamping features


  • Turning, Boring and drilling with single tool.
  • Short set up and cycle time.
  • Minimise Tool position and reduced tooling cost


PCD Milling Cutter

High Feed Milling Cutter

Side & Face Milling Cutters