Boring Bars

Used for

  1. ID Turing
  2. Boring/Facing
  3. Copying
  4. Chamfering

SPL. Boring Bar

Used for

  1. Rough Boring
  2. Big ID Boring
  3. Boring/Facing
  4. Counter Boring

Twin Edge/Micro Boring Bar


  • Suitable for high speed, medium, rough cutting with cartridge
  • Easy for various dimension adjustment.
  • Fully stable structure with the ability to cope with heavy cutting both rough and finish are avaliable by exchange cartridge sets.
  • Suitable for cutting large type component and heavy depth of cut achived due to rigidity.

Used for

  1. TEBB for Heavy Rough
  2. Boring
  3. Micro Bore for finish Boring

Fine Boring Bar

Used for

  1. Finish Boring Bar

Turning Boring Bar

Rigi Boring Bar

Drilling & Boring Tool

Internal Turning Boring Bar